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Oh noes! Five guilts meme

glimmergirl tagged me, and I always do exactly what other people tell me to do, so after the cut, a meme.

Guilt What is yours? Explain yourself
Culinary: sushiAny time, any where, lay down that ginger and wasabi and I'm game. Even if the California rolls are made with surimi and mayonnaise. Mmmm, oishii desu yo!
Literary: John GalsworthyI've nearly memorized The Man of Property. Galsworthy? not the greatest English prose stylist ever. He means you to despise Soames's actions, but you end up feeling sympathy for him and annoyance for that cold passive lump, Irene. But, er, Eric Porter as Soames. Original fandom crush for me.
Either that or my literary guilt is smut featuring the Core 4 Scoobies loving each other up.
Audiovisual: original Star TrekI can still play "name that Trek episode in 10 seconds or less". For some reason, none of the modern serieses ever did much for me.
Musical: The Echoing GreenThis needs to be a *guilt*, as opposed to something good, right? The Echoing Green is a Christian synth-pop band that describes itself as into "aggressive smile-pop". This really should be everything I hate. But I find myself enjoying it.
Celebrity: ASHThis man is handsome and he has a lovely voice and he seems to be a perfect sweetheart in real life. And Giles is... everything I was saving myself for.

Now I tag: secondalto, clavally, fuzzyboo03, blueanddollsome, and sahiya to complete this same quiz.

Er, you can ignore being tagged if you dislike the tagging concept. I picked a couple of long-time friends and three new ones.
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