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My face is very red

My Rupertus Domesticus story is still not finished. At least I'm now writing the cooking bit. And at least yesterday's insights proved sound when put to the test of use in the story. And at least I continue to like the character bits.

I'm feeling a little stressed by fandom obligations at the moment. I think I really need to back off the ficathons for a while, even though they're so tempting and delicious-looking. Will finish this story, then Oz for maleslashminis, then the Giles holiday thing that's so late, then the gen old-school Scooby prompt I picked for tenyearsofbuffy, then give it a rest. Finish some WIPs. Finish that damn ArsD chapter that's been inches away from done for weeks now.

But for now, work work. I will slack by reading other people's RD stories! Happy thought!
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