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Eureka, sort of

My own Rupertus Domesticus story might be delayed, because I just realized what its title is, what the hook is, what the connection to cooking-Rupert is, and how it all fits in to everything else. Yes! It's all making sense!

What the hell is it with Giles & Ethan stories that makes my brain work along these allusive lines? Giles & Xander never give me these fits. I would also complain that Ethan makes me run long, but Xander does as well. And let's not get started on Buffy. She demands novels to work out all the ramifications of the Slayer-Watcher relationship.

Today's brainstorm was brought to you by Pop in the Bath. White & green color. Smelled wonderful, made the water rich and soft, made my skin lovely, and just generally made for a solid story-draft-reading experience.
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