Rupertus  Domesticus

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Rupertus Domesticus
Way back when during the summer_of_giles, cheesygirl posted the spiciest, tastiest, raciest icon I ever saw: Rupertus Domesticus. Rupert Giles, bashing potatoes. And now, this icon has inspired deathless prose!

Rupertus Domesticus Sightings
+ empressvesica: The Morning After the Night Before - Faith/Giles implied, FRT
+ empressvesica: Giles, In His Kitchen, With a Potato Masher - Faith/Giles, FRT
+ Lori aka ljs: "The Art of Tea" - Giles/Anya, AU Season Seven (diverging from canon after "Showtime"), FRM
+ glimmergirl: Paterfamilias - Giles/Wesley, FRC
+ blueanddollsome: Four Things That Never Happened to Giles in a Kitchen, and One That Might've - Giles/Jenny, Willow, FRT
+ alexao: Daily Bread - genfic, FRT
+ allyndra: The Whole Day Down - Giles/Xander, FRT
+ antennapedia: Gas-ring Alchemy - Giles/Ethan, FRM
+ antennapedia: Risotto - Giles/Xander, FRT
+ raysgal: Cooking With Rupert - Giles/Buffy-ish, FRT
+ theblackmare: Blood Oranges - gen, FRT
+ antennapedia: Slow Rise - Giles/Xander, FRM
+ sahiya: Turkey Soup - gen, FRT

If you too have found the Domestic Rupert inspirational:
Post your story or stories anywhere you like.
In a comment here, mention your story title, pairing, rating if it's adult, and the link.
I'll add it to the master list.

There's no time limit. Any time you want to contribute a story is fine. This kitchen doesn't close. There weren't any sign-ups, so if your muse has been awakened, go for it!
Ooops, forgot rating. It's For Mature Audiences (just barely).
And it's listed! (And I will not let myself read any of these until I finish my own darn story. Must. Finish. Story...)
I know this is like a month after people were posting and stuff, but I had posted this in my journal hoping someone would stumble on to it and since that didn't happen I thought I'd go ahead and post the link here. It could probably use a little work, but I like it.

Cooking with Rupert, slightly B/G, PG

I hope someone likes it. And if there's anyway to improve it I'd like the suggestions. This is my first real attempt at a piece of Buffy fic.
Yay! Hooray! First voyage into Buffyfic!

(You gotta publicize, I find, especially early on. Once people know to look for your stories, you're in better shape. Why not stick a link in tweedandtea or a comm like that? People love discovering new stories. Okay, *I* love discovering new stories.)