Let's chat about something completely silly!

So let's just suppose you've put Giles into a relationship with somebody. Is this person going to call him "Giles" at intimate moments? Probably not. And yet, the urge to go with something other than the obvious "Rupert" is tempting.

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Amongst the nicknames for Rupert Giles are such names as:

Rupert. Don't get cute with this.
Rupe. One syllable, for the modern lifestyle.
Rupes. Because Spike is our role model.
Ru. We went and got cute.
Ripper. Simple, classic, canonical.
Rip. Two syllables are too many.
G-man. Everybody say it together...
Giles. Because he's like Sting.
Something clever you will tell us in a comment.

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It depends on who the partner is. For most characters, Rupert works. For someone like Jean-Claude, who uses endearments canonically, I found something for him to use for Giles that's both a pun and a statement of admiration (and no doubt sounds really sexy, because even being served with a tax audit sounds sexy if it's done in French).
I think my general answer is: Rupert, unless they knew him in his university days or his early 20s, in which case they use Ripper. Xander would have a regrettable urge to shorten either one, which Giles would attempt to suppress. Haplessly.

Probably Jean-Claude could call him anything he wanted.
I agree with elementalv, it would depend who the person was. Buffy I think would require a significant effort to change the habit of calling him Giles. Because 'Rupert' is a different person from 'Giles' to her, I think. Same for Willow or Xander.

Jenny would have called him Rupert, no doubt. She got a kick out of his name; thought it was cute and quirky.

Joyce could call him Ru, I think, if she ever stopped calling him That Man.

Olivia might call him Rupert, or Ripper, since she seems to know both names. I don't see her calling him Ru, unless she was deliberately trying to be cute.

Other women, it would depend on how they met him, how he introduced himself, etc. I could see one of his coffeeshop groupies calling him Ru or Rupe.

And going back to Buffy again, there's always the options of "Sir" and "Daddy" *smirk*
Going with the crowd here. Dependent upon person.

All the Scoobs would call him Giles, though I see a slightly older Buffy calling him Rupert in a frustrated voice.

Anya will always call him Rupert. It's just how she is. I think does use Giles in the series but if they were in a relationship, it would be Rupert.

Only Olivia and Ethan get to call him Ripper. And never Rip.

Rupes works for Spike, but no one else, unless they wanted an angry Watcher on their hands. And never Ru. There are a handful of authors who've made me buy Ru, but that was because the rest of the story was so excellent.
My Anya: Rupert, or Ripper if occasion warrants. I call him 'honey' most of the time anyway.
My Giles: [wanders by, tea in hand] Mm. Although I vaguely recall you calling me 'God' last night.
My Anya: I did not... Oh. During the sustained pleasure-moment. [lightly smacks him] Now who's strangely literal?
[My Giles wanders off, grinning into his tea]
Anya most definitely calls him "Rupert". Nothing too sicky-sweet for her, unless she is deliberately making a point to him.
Don't Ever Call Your Sweetheart By His Name
Sweetheart, Babylove,
Angle face, Turtledove,
Honey pie, Sugar lamb,
Huggy bear, Lover man,
Sugar lips, Macho man,
Motor hips, Superman
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I dunno how clever it is to have the same opinion as everyone else... but, yeah, I think it depends on who the partner is. And on what he calls that partner. For example, if he's calling Xander "Harris" (like I had him do in Winter Garden) then Xander would call him Giles, but if he's a Giles who calls Xander "Xander" when they're together, then Xander should call him "Rupert."

As a general thing, though, I'm thinking it would be Rupert (or Endearment-of-choice) for Sunnydale people, Ripper or sometimes Rip for pre-Sunnydale non-Council people. (Wesley, for example, is never going to call him Ripper. Though depending on the bdsm or old-school-tie nature of the relationship, they might call each other by surnames.)

It's all context, I guess. But as others have said, an author's going to have to work hard to get me to buy "Ru."
I honestly get really thrown by the Scoobies calling Giles anything other than Giles. But part of that is that I kinda hate the name Rupert and all of its accompanying nicknames. I´m willing to overlook it in good fic, but . . . yeah. When I wrote the Remus/Giles fic, I went back and forth about it, and what I did depended on what stage in life he was at, but the truth, I think, is that Giles thinks of himself as Giles and not Rupert (I suspect he kinda hates his first name himself, though that might just be me projecting).

Also, Giles is actually a first name, so it´s not that weird, really.
I think that's the fact that allows it to slide: it's a first name, so we forget he'll think of it as his last name. Though enough usage, and you can get used to anything. Renaming one's self is entirely possible.
Totally gonna go with the crowd here. It depends on who. I just can't buy fic where Buffy calls him "Rupert". Doesn't work, except under certain circumstances. I have been known to use "Ru" in the past, with Giles/Jenny, but that was my first fic, and I had not yet accustomed myself to the name "Rupert" and it's inherent charms, and wanted to avoid it.
Hmm! I can see Buffy calling him "Rupert". She'd have to make a deliberate effort to get the mental shift, though. (In "Reconnection" part 2, I show her making that shift, straying back to Giles, then settling down with Rupert for good. Heh.)

Jenny calls him Rupert all the way, I think. Heaven help him if she decides to start teasing him with "Ripper". Though that's not likely, given the circumstances under which she heard that nickname first. Hmm again!
Fun question. Like everyone else, I would have to agree that it depends on the partner, but would also include timeline, and how 'intimate' the moment, is to the variables.
I'll bet you forgot (or it never came up) that you have real life anecdotal corollary for this. My husband's last name is a somewhat archaic but still in use first name and at the time I met him, everyone but everyone called him by his last name only. I didn't even know it wasn't his first name until we were out on a date and he kindly asked me to use his usual given name- which turned out to be his MIDDLE name because his first is a bit too formal for him. So it was a couple more dates along before I found out his actual name. So I'd go with Rupert for anyone who is contemporary, Ripper for anyone from those crazy demon-invoking days or make up another name and call it his middle name if you think writing 'oh, Rupert' is going to speedbump the reader too much.
Can't imagine calling him either Rupert or Giles
For me "Giles" will always be the Bruce Tinsley of Brit cartoonists, and Rupert will always be of Hentzau, so something less formal will have to be found.

Now for Xander it's easy, he's been calling Giles the G-man since the beginning. "Don't ever call me that [in public]" Giles complains, but it's no use.

I just don't see how "Rupert" is obvious for an intimate moment. That's more for when you're about to throw a dutch oven at him. I think I'd just gaze down at him and make my eyes wide and say "Pert!"

The truth is that intimate names come from intimate moments. They may be easy to explain in retrospect, but they are absurd and unfathomable in prospect. No doubt Buffy calls him "Pelly", and if you were there you'd understand.