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First, we should all try to see Comet McNaught some time in the next few days. No equipment needed. Just look for it in the sky close to the sun and near the horizon, at sunrise & sunset both.

Second, all that negative writerly self-talk seems to be common. I dunno; helps me to hear that other people have that annoying voice in their head telling them that their writing sucks. Especially when I know for a fact theirs doesn't.

And of course today is Macworld, and everyone I know will be hanging on the announcements from Steverino. Let's see how close John Gruber got.

Also, my British friends, can you maybe do something about your government's rather stunning lack of awareness of ... well, a lot? Like, all the stuff warned about by your own classic literature? I'm doing what I can about my country's little problem along the same lines. But lordy, Orwell's one of yours.
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