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Tarot decks

I admit that I have too many Tarot decks. I further admit that when I actually use them, it's either the Robin Wood (for straight Rider-Waite) or the Revelations (for somewhat more evocative imagery). And yet, I love looking at new Tarot decks.

Victorian Romantic Tarot
I'm a complete sucker for the obsessions of the Victorians.

Manga Tarot
And I'm also a complete sucker for the anime/manga art style. I also love the concept of inverting the male/female roles. Tres slashy, as my conception of slash goes.

Jane Austen Tarot
I know it would be completely useless as a working deck. I know. And yet.

I am weak. I put the Manga desk in my Amazon cart.

I need a Tarot-ish icon.

ETA: On the plus side, my collection is nowhere near the size of this collection. By two orders of magnitude.
You know I love the Glim!icons. And I have told you why, yes? Because of the cropping? It's all about the relationships between the characters.
I am incredibly attached to my Tarot of the Cat People deck. I can't really imagine ever liking another tarot deck as much as that one, though of course having said that someone will immediately prove me wrong...
My fandom for the Revelations deck is pretty recent, so I have an existence proof of being able to switch from one deck to another. But generally I'm with you: pick one, learn it, love it, use it. No reason to bother with new ones unless it's fun.
I have six different decks, my favorite being a Native American shaman edition.

I regret the most not buying a deck back in the late 70's. It was advertised in a magazine called Vertex and each card of the major arcane was done by a differnt science fiction artist.

A good web site for really different kinds of cards is
Good lord, that shop carries an astonishing number of decks.

I am afraid to tell my husband about this deck. He collects SF & fantasy art. We have some paintings on the wall by people like Paul Lehr and so on.
Nifty decks
I have three myself: the Cat People Tarot, a fucking awesome (if you're into dragons) deck called 'The Celtic Dragon Tarot' (Lisa Hunt and D.J. Conway are the authors), and the Dragon Tarot by Peter Pracownik (it's one of the best dragon art I've ever seen; I actually prefer him over Michael Whelen, and an art book of his was on my Christmas wish list).

On a side note, though, d'ya think Giles would be into the study and/or reading of ancient runes? They look fascinating, but I haven't had the time to immerse myself in them like I think I want to.
Re: Nifty decks
Oddly, rune-based magic appears in a couple of stories I'm working on now. (I invent a different magic system for every story, it seems. Though "invent" might be aggrandizing the extent to which I think them out most of the time.) So yes, I think Giles is very likely to read runes.

I love the Pracownik art!
I lurk here occasionally, reading your fic -- sorry, don't have an LJ account. But I couldn't resist commenting, I have a set of the Fantasy Showcase Tarot, which I believe to be the one Gilesbabe is describing, and it IS a wonderful set. The art is uneven, of course, since it includes both fine artists and cartoonists, but it was done with great imagination and enthusiasm. I don't know how available copies are on Ebay, but it would be worth investigating if you collect Tarot. BTW, thanks to both of you for the great fic! -- Ruth, sometimes commenting on TtH as Phidan.