Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Tarot decks

I admit that I have too many Tarot decks. I further admit that when I actually use them, it's either the Robin Wood (for straight Rider-Waite) or the Revelations (for somewhat more evocative imagery). And yet, I love looking at new Tarot decks.

Victorian Romantic Tarot
I'm a complete sucker for the obsessions of the Victorians.

Manga Tarot
And I'm also a complete sucker for the anime/manga art style. I also love the concept of inverting the male/female roles. Tres slashy, as my conception of slash goes.

Jane Austen Tarot
I know it would be completely useless as a working deck. I know. And yet.

I am weak. I put the Manga desk in my Amazon cart.

I need a Tarot-ish icon.

ETA: On the plus side, my collection is nowhere near the size of this collection. By two orders of magnitude.
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