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Icon & banner image resources

The inevitable art resources credit post.

Wonderland_: Brushes & textures. Icon border masks.

Spiritsighs: Brushes.

Falln-Brushes: Brushes (wings, feathers, Celtic knots, various objects).

dymers_dream: Brushes (map images, compass roses).

lotusii: Brushes.

Tre-Xture: Larger banner textures, icon textures.

Textura: Textures.

50thousandtearz: Icon textures.

Postrake: Icon textures.

10000_pixels: Icon textures, border brushes.

Dying Soul Stock: Border brushes.

Oxoniensis-Art: Textures.

My fonts come from a variety of sources, and are mostly purchased from professional designers because I have a secret passion for them. And because making a good font is an incredible amount of work, and people should be paid for hard work.

I own almost all the fonts created by Ethan Dunham of Fonthead Design. The font currently used in my banner is Cult, by designer Timothy Donaldson. I also own Donaldson's Flight, but I haven't used it yet.

WickedFox's manips of Tony Head often make an appearance.
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