Wimsey tee hee

Improbable spam

Henry Weldon sent me spam this morning. Hee!

Have any of you tried full-screen writing programs like WriteRoom? As you all know, I use programmer's text editors to write, mostly to get the distraction of formatting out of my face. (Don't waste my time with fonts & layout, please. I have dialog to get right.) These "hide all distractions" programs might be even more useful.
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I downloaded it and it looks really neat. I especially like how you can scale the text so it looks reasonable while you're typing, but it stays the standard 10 pt font (or whatever you change it to be). I may try to use it over the next few weeks and see what happens. I think I shall have to read the instructions on how to get it to emulate the text editor this looks most like to me (vim), or I am going to be driving myself crazy with keystrokes that don't work in such an environment.

I hadn't thought about it until I saw what they (and you) mean by "no distractions", but there Are a whole lot of shiny toys on this new Mac vying for my scattered attention. That's kind of why I go off to the notebook to write out first drafts of things. I keep having this probably not so healthy compulsion to, I don't know, check e-mail every 3 minutes, or see what's on the news or livejournal....

Anyway, I'll let you know how I do with it, and thanks for mentioning this product.