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Pep talk for self

Gah, I am struggling with this plot twist thing. I am starting to feel really cowardly about it. Sadly, it isn't worth any angsting from me. It's just an idea. This is the sort of thinking that has prevented me from writing any fiction at all in the ten years since my Disastrous Writer's Bootcamp experience.

I need to remind myself of core motivations. Okay, reminder to self follows.

The experience of reading fiction is the experience of entering some one else's dream world for a little while. The act of writing is the act of sharing that dream state with other people. Or even with one's self. I write now so that five years from now, when I have forgotten the act of writing, I can re-enter this dream world and enjoy it for a little while. I don't need to worry about what other people might make of this dream. All I have to worry about is whether I'll enjoy it when I trip over it again.

No psyching myself out any more.
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