Watson likely stories

What I liked of what I wrote in 2006

The stories I'm proudest of, or like the most for some reason, or learned the most from writing, here:

Breaking Glass
I just re-read this for the first time since I posted it in October. It sets up everything I wanted to set up for the Christian Watcher/Slayer bond novel. Character stuff, language stuff, thematic stuff, it's all there. The action sequence wasn't as bad as I'd feared. And I like the little picture of Ethan I built for it. I'd like to see that Ethan in action again. (I have two stories planned for him, as well as a cameo in the novel thingie.) I sweat over this one, and I'm happy it paid off with something I could read over without too much wincing.

Ars Draconis
For vivid descriptive writing. And I like that take on Buffy's character. And I'm kinda happy with the plot I have worked out for the series. It has some neat aspects. Not wildly original or anything, if you read certain kinds of fantasy, but satisfying.

Part 1 of Reconnection
An exercise in narrative voice: Buffy moves from depression to a reconnection with life, as well as with Giles, and the writing moves with her. It was written over two days, and I knew my story almost from the moment I saw the prompt. I'm sure if I'd stepped back and reflected, or if I'd planned to turn it into a series, I'd have changed some of the details, but it works as is.

Sentimental favorite: Cloud Animals
I want to spend some more time with those two. Throw 'em a few curves, see how they take 'em. ("A curve is like one of those leg break things." "Thank you, Xander, I'm well aware of that.")
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I don't know how you could narrow it down to four - so many great stories to choose from. :)
I like a couple of others a whole bunch too :) But these were the ones I thought taught me the most writing craft.