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Progress report

T&P part 1 went off to the amazing beta reader last night. I finished my scene revisions yesterday evening, then printed it out & did a line edit pass in the bath. (Brief bath product review: this bath line edit party was brought to you by the Lush Sunny Side bubble bar. It was refreshingly citrusy. The water was very pretty. The glitter didn't remain afterward.)

As usual, I found a bunch of usage pairs to stomp out. By which I mean, cases where I use a word then use it again a couple of sentences later. And not with intention. Even though I know I'm prone to this error, I still make it over and over.

What else do I tend to need in these line edit passes? I'll find the odd typo or two. Mostly it's quibbling about punctuation, sentence rhythms, word choice. I'll break up some sentences and smush others together. I'll often simplify dialog. I'll remove as many he said/she saids as I can. And usually I will kill the stuff that's bothered me on every single read that I have been dithering about fixing. The final line edit pass is the time for slaughtering my darlings.

My thoughts during the revision process itself went something like this:
I hate this story.
This story is the stupidest story ever.
This story is far beyond my capabilities as a writer, and I am doing it a disservice by making a flailing attempt at writing it.
Except no, this story is crackfic and fundamentally stupid.
Unoriginal! Tame! Boring! Been done before by better writers! Stupid!
How can my beta reader not despise me after reading the sloppy thinking in this draft?

And yet I finished writing it anyway. I always go through this. The moment before I post a story is the moment when I have the least confidence in it.

The decks are cleared for Rupertus Domesticus.
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