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Hmm. Plot bunny from calime33: Ethan, the Discworld, a magic shop that travels. And that, of course, makes me think about a traveling Magic Box. And a well-intentioned scheme by Anya to improve sales. And a sudden visit to Ankh-Morpork.

Buffy and Carrot. Ha!

Has this been written? Musta been. At some point I will troll Crossing the Hellmouth to see.
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a) LOVE that icon

b) OMG, Buffy Discworld crossover???? It must be written! It can't not be written!!
I just read a really good Buffybot/Buffy/Discworld crossover. I'll try to find the link. Buffybot gets sent through a portal and ends up in discworld and joins the Ankh-Morpork police force. It's quite funny.