Rupertus  Domesticus

Oh dear

Actually, three stories for Rupertus Domesticus. Giles & Ethan, as students (NaNoWriMo project verse). Giles & Buffy, s4 (probably to fit with canon). Giles & Xander, post-series ("Cloud Animals" verse).

SHUT UP, BRAIN! I need you to be fixing bugs in software right now, not reviewing risotto recipes and recalling that time I cooked a goose for Christmas dinner...
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My sister cooked a goose this Christmas. She said it was vile and they ended up feeding the entire thing to the racoons that live on their property. Apparently, raccoons love goose.
Raccoons will eat anything. Greedy little bastids. However, in my experience they love Science Diet better than just about anything, and will stand in my kitchen yelling at me when I attempt to get them to stop eating it.

My one attempt at Christmas goose came out pretty well, if I recall correctly. We ended up with amazing amounts of goose grease. You know how with turkeys the problem is keeping the damn bird wet? With geese & ducks it's the other way around. You have to port the liquid away as fast as you can.
I think tastes have changed drastically in say the last couple decades. At one time, eating a fat, greasy bird would have been wonderful. Now, we are so used to keeping our diets lean, that it seems disgusting. We found a pretty decent recipe on the web but I just think that goose is a thing of the past. My brother brings home stale pastries for the raccoons and they have a feast. Last time I was back there, one of them walked up the driveway and it was huge. I didn't know they got that big.