"Breathing" nominated!

SunnyD Memorial Fanfiction Awards nominee

Great Scott! "Breathing" has been nominated at the SunnyD Awards for eep, a bunch of stuff! Best Author, Best Characterization (for Buffy), Best Drama, Best Pairing (unconventional), and Best Plot. Wowzers! Thank you to whoever thought so highly of it! Neat! I'll be grinning like a big dork for days!
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w00t!!! Tremendous congratters and all that. Well deserved. :)
As you know, I was all depressed about this one right before finishing it. Phew. Seems to have come out okay!
Thanks! I guess it turned out better than I'd thought. I still can't re-read it because of all the wincing.
It's always the ones I'm most nervous about that people like. A comment about risk-taking? Or about my bad judgement? I can't tell!