Holmes/Watson forward

So long to 2006

2006 started for me with crushing grief. The themes of the year were my reactions to that, and my attempts to deal with it. I've had mixed success. I suspect that time is the only thing that truly helps. So hooray 2007, the year that will give me another year of time in between me & loss. Alas, 2007, a year that will bring me one year closer to my own mortality. All is vanity, and vexation of spirit. Not that my reactions are modulated by anything resembling depression, oh no.

Forward, ho!

Plan for the day:
Maybe get dressed. Though I dunno. That seems ambitious.
Turn off networking on my laptop. (Or at least quit all communication apps.)
Revise Tradition & Protocol part 1, which is back from beta reader extraordinaire emmessann with useful suggestions.
Read something good. There's a huge stack of books at my bedside. I'm sure one of them will be readable.

See y'all next year.
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May the new year be better for you and yours.
May the SBD have many fine but inedible things to chase, may the trees stay up, may the wine be delicious in 2007!
My year has been made immensely better by having you in it.

May 2007 see bigger and better things for both of us. *hugs*
*hugs you back*
I'm so happy to know you too, oh my first fandom friend! Did you see that you lured gilesbabe into our path of iniquity and evil core four-ness?
*evil grin* Yes, I did. Our plan to rule the world through Core Four stories is working!! *maniacal laugh*