Progress report

Posted first of three planned rec lists for the b-verse top 5. To write that one, I re-read a bunch of great things from summer_of_giles. Jeebus, there was a lot of good stuff posted to that. I hope the list gets people to check out more than just the things I pointed to. I probably should have done two lists, 5 stories and 5 art posts. But I feel like if I recommend too much stuff, it loses some of the power of persuasion.

Jumps up and down pointing at katekat1010, who made it happen.

Some writing done. Though why you people ask for smut from me (stares at xdawnfirex), I dunno. I can't write it. I have no faith in it. It's not... it doesn't do its job.

HA! I just thought of a fourth rec list I could write, one that will let me point to a few more things in good conscience. If I post one a day, it won't come on too strong, right? HA! Glim, world domination cannot be far behind.
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Stop staring at me; it makes me uncomfortable.


I happen to like your smut, thanks. I have more faith in you and your writing than you have. I also have more faith in your dissection of the characters.

Also? I have this funny little B/G BDSM kink that your smut rubs in just the right way.

I said stop staring at me. You're making me all tingly.
Kate is awesome (I got my banner and default icon from her at the comm!)and we need to make sure she does the comm again next year. (Just so I can bug you to sign up, too! *G*)

One post a day is not coming on strong, especially as I see that several people post multiple times a day.
I'll definitely sign up if it happens in 2007. In 2006, if you can believe this, I hadn't finished or posted any stories at the time of signups, so I was too nervous to join. Wasn't sure I'd be able to do anything.