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BPAL Wolf Moon 2006

Sometimes I don't care for the lunacy blends. Bitter Moon was, well, um, bitter. Not for me. But the two scents released for Wolf Moon were awesome.

Wolf Moon 2006
Winter air, Terebinth pine, juniper berry, dusty orris, deep amber, white sandalwood, black musk, blue cedar, and tonka.
A big wolfy, Spitzy dog, come to meet you from his run in the forest. Night, wintertime. His coat is covered with snow and pine needles. Cold tree-scent. Refreshing. Could be worn by a man as easily as a woman.

Blackened myrrh, crushed olive leaf, black musk, spikenard, frankincense, cypress wood, opoponax, white ginger, and patchouli.
Exactly the sort of BPAL blend I'm a sucker for: incense softened by musk. Deep and dark. Mysterious. I might almost love this more than Schwarzer Mond. It's similar, though SM is more resinous.
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