Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Things to be noted, things to be done

Things to be noted
1. Apparently I did not plan in advance and purchase all three Novik books in preparation for a typical high-speed reading binge.
2. My Macbook needed a cheaper keyboard part, not a full logic board replacement.
3. The Parkway last night with sahiya & Mr Pedia was fun, even though friends T&S wimped out. Shared viewing experiences are always fun, particularly when they involve beer & cheap tickets.
4. The Parkway is alternating Firefly with Buffy episodes monthly, or semi-monthly. In February, it's 3 Buffies including OMWF.
5. The coffee has brewed.
6. My read through of "Dragon's Heart" last night revealed some plotting problems. First draft is a bit over 6000 words. According to the current plan, that will make the full story about 30K words. Except that this draft is going to grow. Sigh.
7. Had story idea storm on the drive in to work.
8. I joined an RPG as a replacement Buffy.
9. I am really not in a mood to work today.
10. Noted last night that Firefly is not actually very good SF. The scene in the pilot where the Reaver ship does a close fly-by? No. Do you know how hard it is for two ships that want to rendezvous to approach each other? Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mind-bogglingly big it is. All Firefly would need to do to avoid the Reavers is modify their velocity a trifle; voila! no intersection.

Things to be done
1. Order remaining books from amazon; read Northanger Abbey to fill intervening time.
2. Wait impatiently for repair place to be finished; be grateful that expense isn't huge.
3. Nothing to be done about it except reflect with satisfaction.
4. Go. Sing along.
5. Post entry. Pour cup. Drink it.
6. Revise, and show a few things concretely instead of having Buffy summarize them. Also, bring in mumble as active character in a new scene, to better set up what needs to happen in the next part.
7. Extend story ideas file even further.
8 & 9. Catch up on RPG while not working.
10. Remind self of differences in needs of television drama & needs of SF book-reading audience. Then grumpily point out Babylon 5 as an example of a show not screwing up the basics of physics and still being good.
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