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Today's reading

I am a very bad code miner today. Instead of filling my carts full of software ore, I have read the first book of the Temeraire series, which I bought months and months ago on sweetdoggie's recommendation. Ooh. Good stuff. Yes. Read. Patrick O'Brian + dragons. Um. Why do I not have the other two books with me now?
I think you'll like this series. Lots of good historical detail plus dragons. Cool. Have you read David Feintuch's series? It's basically Hornblower in Space. Also very good.
I read one of the Feintuch books, then immediately veered off and read actual Hornblower, which I hadn't done before. This was after I had finished all available Patrick O'Brian (back in the mid-90s) and was in terrible need of more British navy. Hornblower is interesting, not as satisfying. A 20th century man, with 20th century neuroses, on a 19th century ship. O'Brian's characters seem more of their time to me.
I read the Hornblower first, which was probably a good thing. O'Brian is better, both historically and in character development Still, I like the Hornblower series--except for the endless games of Whist. I really did not need to know that much about that card game. There are several other writers that don't do nearly as good a job--Dan Parkinson comes to mind. Have you read Man-of-War: Life in Nelson's Navy by Patrick O'Brian? Very interesting. By the way and rather OT, did you see that Andre Norton had died?
She died a couple of years ago, at a grand old age.

I have Man-o-war on the shelf, but haven't read it yet. I've mentioned this before, I think: this writing thing has completely trashed my usual reading habits. I've read almost nothing in the last year. I think I'm on the winning side of this swap, but I'm falling behind.