because it has to be

Bleat. Also: gusts.

Yeah, well. First, there was the coffee incident with the Macbook keyboard, which 24 hours later has not resolved itself. So Macbook is in the hands of the nice repair people, who smiled kindly when they told me it might be a logic board problem, or it might just be the keyboard, shrug, they'll call me. Because I am a) paranoid, and b) a programmer, the important data is backed up routinely. And my writing is all managed by a Subversion repository offsite (aka, on the Linux box in the half-rack I rent at a colo), so that is all safe, and Ars Draconis part 3 will commence its second draft tonight. But. My Mac. With all my data and infons arranged just so. Not with me! Bleat!

Then there are the "gusts" of wind, topping 35 mph, that apparently are enough to turn Silicon Valley into a third-world country. Intermittent power at my workplace. Intermittent Internet at my home. (ETA: The Chron says gusts have topped 50mph, so okay then. That is sufficient excuse for toppled telephone poles.)

On the plus side: I smell like cranberries today, thanks to glimmergirl! And I have many lovely small pieces of paper that I am afraid to do anything with lest I destroy them with my clumsy fingers, thanks to emmessann!
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There must be something about MacBooks. I spilled wine on mine Christmas Eve. Haven't taken it in yet -- will do so next week -- but yeah. It's into some serious pouting at the moment.
The keys were shorting on in ways that I'm sure I would have found very amusing if they were on somebody else's computer. Pressing any two keys activates numlock! The up arrow is constantly firing! Whee!

If you're ambitious, you can take the things apart and clean them and hope they work again. Or even replace the keyboard. I just decided to hand it to a professional and stop worrying.
I <3 scented soap. *hugs you* It was a cranberry-rific Christmas: my other present was cranberry-chocolate from my sister.
I told a friend that I saw my Extremely Fluffy Cat flying through the back yard this morning, and he said, really? And I said, well, he had an umbrella.
Re: Weather, I heard on the radio today that Japan and surrounding areas had an earthquake that knocked out their Internet connections. Not expected to be fixed for 3 weeks. I would die. It's not that I don't do other things, but I have to have my computer available at all times just for my sanity. If I was without my connection for 3 weeks, I'd be playing with an etch-a-sketch, just to have something with a screen!
I couldn't cope. I can't remember the last time I've been without a net connection that long, in my 20 years of using the Inter/arpa/net. Being cut off from email would be the main problem.

Winds have faded around here, but I saw a lot of branches down on my drive home just now.