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The rebirth of the sun is here

Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it. Happy day off from work to those of you who do not. May the season include lots of what you wish for!

At the home of T&S, ham was eaten, gingerbread was eaten (I want to say "was ate", Austen-style), "A Charlie Brown Christmas" was watched, and spiked eggnog was drunk. We ransacked the dvd shelves for another movie that qualified as a Christmas movie, failed, lowered our standards to "winter movie", then failed because we'd watched Fargo together too recently. "The Long Kiss Goodnight" would have worked, but we watched that together a couple of weeks ago. So we watched "Raiders" and enjoyed the young Harrison Ford.

I have now archived just about everything I've written on the old-fashioned static web site. There's some decent stuff there, ya know? I'm sort of surprised. In particular I'm surprised by how productive the tagfic game has been for me. Some good stories have come out of it. To point out a sleeper: I think "Smoke" came out pretty well.

I am going to drink some coffee now and stay up too late working on something. Have no idea what I want to work on next. It all feels hollow and worthless. Oh, hollow hollow hollow! That is, to understand this next plaint, cling passionately to one another, and think of faint lilies.

My priority list from earlier in the week was:
- drunken!Giles done
- Holmes-Giles
- post-Grave h/c done
- T&P part 1 in the hands of my beta reader
- Rupertus Domesticus!

To that list, I add:
- tagfic for xdawnfirex
- New Years ficathon story
- plotting T&P part 2
- finishing Ars Draconis part 3
- sorting out Reconnection
- the NaNoWriMo Watcher-Slayer bond novel, religious variant
- finishing any of the several half-written short stories I have kicking around, e.g., "January Weekend" (Giles/Ethan), "Inversion" (Giles/Buffy), "Readings" (the tarot cards thing).

The Forever Untitled NaNo project has been on my mind a lot recently. I think it has the potential to be really neat. There's a thing I wrote, where Giles gets up off the floor and gets on his feet and then he... well. People will enjoy it, I think. If I can ever finish it.

And of course there are the plotbunnies that exist in my notes file. The more I think about the end of season 5 scenario, the more ideas come to mind for stories that are, I think, better than the one canon gave us. There are so many issues they left untouched. Or maybe they're only better because they exist against the backdrop of canon; I dunno. Fanfic is a weird thing.

Oh, crap, the Xmas puzzle story is still missing 3 pieces. Somewhat hilariously, the three missing chunks are the three from the beginning. Eep! I am just going to supply them and hope the packages made it to their homes. And then re-date the story. At midnight, not before.
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