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Fiction archived

I have started archiving my fiction at antennapedia.com. I'm no graphic designer, but I think it's readable. Not all my stories are there yet, but the big ones are. And I'll continue to put more up as I continue to procrastinate with my drunken!Giles story.

The font is Cult. Will probably redo the banner here to match.

How did I live before I started using rsync to mirror files?
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What do you mean you're no designer? That's very pretty.

And I owe you a beta don't I? *facepalm* Sorry! I had PT today and then I got to my own writing and...well I'll get on that right now. (PS expect part whatever I'm on of SoC tomorrowish.)
Got your beta! Have not yet read it. Have the husband also beta-reading for me tonight, for the double-barrelled approach.

This is what I say about graphic design: the designers I work with snap off stuff much better than that twice a day without thinking. It's impressive what they do.
Lovely, my dear. But-- I have a Truth in Advertising complaint. Your side banner thingy mentions essays, and I see no essays on the site....

*wicked grin*

No, seriously, I am in awe of your technical prowess.

Ah. Well. Sometime soon. After I finish all this fiction-writing.

That site required no technical prowess. Some Photoshop chops. A little bit of CSS. I am *this* close to truly demonstrating some technical chops and writing a little db-backed story-server. But eh. I'll be lazy instead.

Gill Sans is a lovely font, I think. Very readable.
Very nice site. Now, lets see some more fic! C'mon. You know you want to!
Way close to more Buffy/Giles for you. Drunken!Giles tomorrow, which will feature lots of Scooby smooching.
Woot! That is so awesome! I'm totally reading a tonne of your stuff right now.

Also, can I just say that I adore apples, oranges, and pears? It is a wonderful g/x fic. I just can't say enough good things about it. Thanks for sharing :)