Progress report

Drunken!Giles ficathon story is at 1000 words. It is all about the Core Four togetherness. I'm not yet sure if anything happens other than promiscuous drunken smooching. It is also set after "Cloud Animals", so it's on a base of Giles/Xander happiness.

Holmes-Giles is stuck at 600 words + notes. Needs a block of uninterrupted time this weekend.

"Breathing" needs two chunks of writing to achieve a first draft. Alas, one of them is a section of the climactic scene, and the other is the ending itself. I have been hopping around revising it a bit, so I have already begun some of the work I wanted to do in a second draft.

The Cat and the Kitten are both on the top of the cat tree. They are sort of curled up next to each other, but twitching tails on both of them means that this configuration is likely unstable. Whoops! There go the flailing paws!

I need to go open the package wide_rider sent me! Cookies! YUM! Hey, the husband is eating them all. Hey!
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:) Husbands eating all the cookies is better than the cats. Both ladyforash and mrsdrake's cats went after them. Think maybe they knew that I call the peanutbutter/chocolate thingies 'Squirrel Bars'?

Anyway.... Hopefully cookies and caffeine will contribute to more writing. ;-)

Merry Christmas!!