Oh noes! Which SF writer am I?

I am:
Hal Clement (Harry C. Stubbs)
A quiet and underrated master of "hard science" fiction who, among other things, foresaw integrated circuits back in the 1940s.

Which science fiction writer are you?

I gotta tell ya, Mission of Gravity is one of SF's classics. I'm not sure I want to write it; I don't think Clement's human beings were truly human. But Mesklin was a cool place, and Barlennan a neat character. Therefore I am happy to be Hal Clement.
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Ooo. I came up with Octavia Butler who I like and admire a whole bunch. Cool. At least I didn't get somebody like Zelazny or Moorcock.
The hubby likes to point out that Zelazny was great until he quit his day job and started having to write to eat. The output became crapulent go-nowhere Amber books at that point. No more Lord of Light or "A Rose for Ecclesiastes".
I've never cared for his stuff. For some reason, I get motion sick every time I try to read anything by him. Maybe it's the font they use or something. Plus, there's lots of good stuff out there to read, why bother with the marginal?
Great. I came out as Tiptree/Sheldon. Husband should be very glad we have no guns in the house.