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New music report: post-rock

Today I have been listening to an Explosions in the Sky album on repeat. It's called The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place. Kind of a backwards way of putting a positive message isn't it? And the recording might be called gloomy, or melancholic at the least. Their main claim to fame is the soundtrack for "Friday Night Lights".

It's in a genre new to me, called post-rock. I discovered it in the way that I often discover new music: by following Amazon recommendations. Somehow I got to guitar-based instrumental post-rock band (er, guy, actually) Lanterna, and from there to here. The genre features traditional rock instruments (your guitar/bass/drums combo) used in non-traditional song formats. It's less electronic than my usual listening, since it tends to have live drummers and no synthesizers.

I also bought a couple of records by Tristeza after sampling on the iTunes Music Store. That's sort of my new general strategy: discover via Amazon. Listen to previews on ITMS. Buy a track or two if I am tantalized by the previews. Buy the CD if I like the track enough.
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