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Progress report

Days when the husband is at work all day are days when I get a lot of writing done.

Some Giles-Holmes progress: I have a context for the scene. This required working out at least a little of the TAotDW sequel plot, though not all. It's a tightly plotted time travel paradox story, I'm afraid, involving Ethan heavily. And Buffy. (Please don't expect this for months and months. It will be a lot of work to write, and I will decline to start it until I have closed off at least 2 of my WIPs.) Anyway, G-H bickering doesn't need the whole thing, just enough that I know why they're in the abandoned house watching to see when this guy comes home. Though Giles doesn't know why. Because Holmes is... Well.

Post-Grave h/c has a new title. One that makes my section titles completely nonsensical. I might just remove them entirely. I'm nearly at a complete first draft with it, despite earlier whinging. I already know two things that need to happen with the second draft.

Random information for the day: On Friday Adobe put up a beta of Photoshop 10, aka Photoshop CS3. It's usable for a couple of days if you don't own Photoshop. If you do have a serial number for CS2, they give you a serial number for the beta. It's their big port away from Codewarrior to build under XCode, a port that I hear required a lot of support from Apple to make happen because of gcc linker issues. (Codewarrior, I still mourn you.) Anyway, native Intel code, so no more running under the translation layer! Nicely zippy, I gotta say.

Just go to Adobe's site to the Photoshop page. Probably not worth the bother if you're not on an Intel Mac. Some UI improvements.
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