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The weekend writing plans

Just had stunning revelation. Okay, okay. Just had mildly interesting moment of insight.

The NaNo project/NLBS, which perhaps will get a title in the final minutes before I post it and perhaps not, is epic hurt/comfort for Giles. There are certainly episodic intense h/c interludes in it, but I mean freakin' overall it's h/c. I want to end with unleashed and powerful mage!Giles wreaking havoc on a corrupt mumble murfle blah, but he sure doesn't start in that state. He starts broken. Various events and people and forces of the universe fix him.

Am feeling strong urges to work on this some more. It needs a lot more new material written, never mind the effort of a second draft.

Post-Grave h/c (which was titled but then I decided the title was stupid oh god why are titles so hard?) is over 17K words and climbing. In novella territory. *holds head in hands* There is a story there, with conflict, a final confrontation, and an interesting resolution. It's just that telling it is turning out to take a lot of words. Some of them are about side issues, yeah, and maybe if I were feeling more ruthless I'd focus. But I don't wanna! Bleat! I am going to yield to the impulse. It will be long, rambling, self-indulgent, somewhat emo, and possibly even readable, with good bits here and there.

I want to finish this soon, but the amount of work remaining intimidates me. Also, am completely losing faith in my ability to write sex at all.

Maybe I should just post the first half and let the second half finish when it wants to.

I have been seeing scenes from Ars Draconis in my head. Might try to finish the next chapter of that this weekend. Genfic. Swordfighting.

Speaking of projects that have been a lot of work, with many hours invested: Tradition & Protocol part 1, "Initiation", is once again off in the hands of my beta reader. Am forcibly preventing myself from tinkering with it while it's off. What I really should be doing is writing a proper, structured outline for part 2. Man, the postmortem for part 1 will be interesting to write; my first draft has only one scene in common with the final story.

T&P by the numbers:
First draft: 21K words
Nearly-final part 1: 26.7K words
Words in the rough notes file for parts 2 & 3: 27.7K

Half of you will hate it. A quarter of you will not read it. The remaining quarter of you will love it for reasons I cannot predict. I made those numbers up. Really all of you will hate it. Mass defriending will follow.

Not that I'm insecure or anything.

I note that LJ is hiccuping out comment notifications from last night and earlier today. I think I'm almost caught up with comments. Will double-check, 'cause I bet I missed some.
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Awww, honey, it sounds like you need some serious hand holding. I'm here for you always, remember that.

The sex, it is hard, especially if you don't want all your scenes to feel repetitive.

You know how much am I am interested in the NLBS because I've been there since it's inception and some of it is my fault. *G*

Worry not about novella length stuff. I think in the end, both SoC and Healing will be the longest pieces I've written.

Anyway, to take your mind off things, I have a couple of new fics cooking in my head that I may write while sitting in be(when I really should be working on those other two fics). How do you feel about awkward/cute first time Giles/Xander and kinky Giles/Anya?
Awkward cute first-time Giles/Xander is one of those always-cheers-me-up genres. And kinky Giles/Anya could be cool! Anya seems like she'd methodically explore kink to find out what she liked, utterly unafraid.
You may get the Giles/Anya first cause I started writing that already. And even though Giles is going to be introducing the kink, Anya is going to embrace it whole heartedly!
Really all of you will hate it.

I call bullshit. You know damn good and well that *I* will not hate it.
I'm looking forward to all of your unfinished stuff. I'll even read some of the slash which doesn't interest me at all, but you write so well that I am compelled. Tradition and Protocol interests me even though the thought of body modification kinda makes me want to heave. I like the concept of Buffy and Giles being bound tighter together, regardless of the method. So, I'd take this as encouragement. If you can make somebody read your stuff when they don't like the pairing and don't like the premise, I'd say you are doing your job. Just...finish something occasionally, OK?
Yes, ma'am! Finishing stories, as fast as possible! Which isn't very fast, I know.

I think you'll like both the post-Grave h/c and the NaNo project, with no urges to heave to overcome.