Antenna (antennapedia) wrote,

Announcing the Rupertus domesticus Ficathon!

Rupertus Domesticus
Way back when during the summer_of_giles, cheesygirl posted the spiciest, tastiest, raciest icon I ever saw: Rupertus Domesticus. Rupert Giles, bashing potatoes. Isn't it inspirational? I thought so, too. And so, I announce:

The Rupertus Domesticus Ficathon!

Your prompt is this wonderful icon of Rupertus Domesticus in his native habitat. Write a story, any length, any genre, any pairing, any rating, inspired by this icon. Heck, write two stories! On January 15, 2007, I'll post a masterlist, you'll post a link to your response in a comment, and the reading fun will begin! There's no time limit. Any time you want to contribute a story, I'll add it to the list.

That's it!

Some other relaxed ficathons you might also consider:
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tenyearsofbuffy, celebrating a decade of Slayage, starting January 15
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