Rupertus  Domesticus

Announcing the Rupertus domesticus Ficathon!

Rupertus Domesticus
Way back when during the summer_of_giles, cheesygirl posted the spiciest, tastiest, raciest icon I ever saw: Rupertus Domesticus. Rupert Giles, bashing potatoes. Isn't it inspirational? I thought so, too. And so, I announce:

The Rupertus Domesticus Ficathon!

Your prompt is this wonderful icon of Rupertus Domesticus in his native habitat. Write a story, any length, any genre, any pairing, any rating, inspired by this icon. Heck, write two stories! On January 15, 2007, I'll post a masterlist, you'll post a link to your response in a comment, and the reading fun will begin! There's no time limit. Any time you want to contribute a story, I'll add it to the list.

That's it!

Some other relaxed ficathons you might also consider:
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tenyearsofbuffy, celebrating a decade of Slayage, starting January 15
So you did it after all. I suppose I shall have to try to write something-- after all, you are my friend.

I hope this goes well. I'd rather use the screencap from Amends with Giles tasting something he's sauteing on his stove, though. What did he have planned? Hot date? Sure it's been done, though.

Anyway, good. luck. I'll see what I can do.

If the very next image in your mind is Rupertus domesticus tasting his cooking in "Amends", I say go for it! It's all the same species in motion!
We'll see how well I can manage to promote this. First time trying the concept, and I realize that I don't have the sort of wide-ranging flist more well-established fans do. I hope the silliness of the idea can compensate :)
Well, if it's any pairing and any length... count me in.
Just wanted to let you know - I'm in!!

That pic inspired a follow up to a piece I've already done.

So...when you get the list posted, there will be at least one from me.

Just checking in to report (with great glee) - I have TWO done for this and waiting until you post for links.

I rather like the idea of going into the new year with things done and waiting to be posted. Think I will just wait until January! :D

Happy holidays to you and yours!
No guarantees, but this sounds cute. I can't quite see what Giles is doing in the icon, but I'm assuming anything to do with Giles cooking (or could it be any household task?) would do. I always get lured in by the notion of tossing off (not in that way) a little 500 word ficlet but they never seem to turn out that way. But maybe this time.....
Any household task will do! That particular screenshot is from "Pangs", when he was peeling potatoes for Buffy. "How could someone not have a ricer?"
Ooh, now I'm all inspired, darn it! Gotta represent the G/J, y'know. I think I may feel a 5 Things That Never Happened coming on... and then maybe a friendship one... ooh with Anya! Writing Anya is fun. *grumblesabouthaveingtodoschoolworkwheni'dratherbewritingfic*
So, I've written, Four Things That Never Happened To Giles In A Kitchen, And One That Might've.

It's pretty fluffy. I try to balance out the fluff and the angst, but the fluff is kinda over-powering. Seriously light and airy stuff.
I'm expecting a whole lot of fluff tomorrow :) It's sort of hard to have angsty muffin-baking, ya know? Though maybe that's a challenge...
I've always wanted to do a G/X story. Now I can write one and blame it all on you. Bwahahaha!