In the shower just now I was struck with the setup and plot for my story for wickedfox's Regency manips of Giles and Ethan. And I bet she'd given up on me! But now I know what the story is. Previously all I had was a fragment of an argument in the Giles family library.

Please don't groan in dismay at yet another project in progress. Just pat me on the head and feed me more coffee, okay?
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Just tell me where to get it or how to brew it, and I'll keep you supplied with as much as you need/want. Might even supply cookies too. :-)
See, what some coffee shop chain needs to do to compete with Starbucks is coffee delivery. Internet-triggered.
Excellent chance that both an Ars Draconis chapter & the post-Grave h/c will finish first, since both are approaching complete first drafts.