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No writing at all today

Nothing. Nada. And I wanted to. I got home and just couldn't settle to anything. I jittered around the living room, made a pot of decaf, fiddled with watching "Little Britain", talked to the husband about my inability to settle, spent about three seconds translating Latin sentences. Finally I realized that part of my problem was that I hadn't written feedback on a story that I had promised to read a draft of, and I was feeling guilty about working on my own stuff with that story sitting un-reviewed. So I sat down, concentrated, and maybe came up with something the writer will find helpful and not too hideously offensive & pushy.

Now I have half an hour left before midnight. Maybe I will rewrite my prologue, which has been sitting finished in a draft 1 state for a couple of weeks. Just enough time for it to have cooled off in my head and earned some distance.

On the plus side, I got a copy of the newly-remastered spiffy version of My life in the bush of ghosts, one of the two great Eno/Byrne collaborations. (The other is of course Remain in light.) I'm not sure I can write to it, though.
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