oh dear

Oh noes! A stocking meme!

Baa! Baa! Am I a Scrooge for thinking "man that stocking + text color combo is oogly"?

Xmas Stocking
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if you are scrooge for thinking that, than i am scrooget since i am also frustrated by the 30 characters or less limit. And yes, why are the usernames in white but the gifts in.... hard to read tiny squinty green?
Yeah. I had to totally reword my stocking stuffer because of that stupid limit. I bet they could get more characters in if they were not spending so much energy on making the green glow extra bright on my monitor.
That green is awful. Ugh. See, this is why programmers usually need to work with designers. Programmer has the idea, implements the ugly stocking; designer makes it not make your eyes bleed.

Oh dear. I appear to have a Gilesbot with a sword. Eek!