Giles/Xander 2

Best-laid plans

Going to Trader Vic's for drinks and dinner? Totally happened. Husband getting cheerfully drunk? Ditto. Everyone except our designated driver T, in fact. Then we went home and watched a Ren & Stimpy that T remembered as being good, only it was terrible, awful, bad, clunk on the floor. We discussed reasons for R&S to have been so entertaining in its first brief run, then so horrible ever after.

Then we decided to show "Heroes" to nemaihne and T. I have this only in electronic form on my Mac, so we did the TV-as-monitor trick. After some technical difficulties, we got "Heroes" happily playing on the tv. (Trick is: mirror displays, then present full-screen in Quicktime player.)

Then we watched "Heroes" until, um, 3:30 in the morning. Only the first five. At the end I was, like, kicking myself for wasting any time on the un-good R&S, because we could have watched a sixth. Alas, we were all about to fall asleep.

Nifty show. I have some complaints (on the nose dialog, inconsistent writing for Mohinder) but am otherwise completely happy to sit back and watch the story be told. It's a very comic book story, isn't it? Beyond just the surface resemblances to the X-Men. Something about the whole mode of storytelling, and the many stories interwoven thing. Am somewhat un-awake at the moment; will attempt to figure out why I think this when I am more awake. Post-coffee, perhaps.
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I keep wanting to watch Heroes, but alas, I never seem to catch it. I have, however, been catching the recaps on The recapper often laments that the Continuity Fairy has been quite drunk in some of the episodes. Otherwise, it seems to be fairly good, yes?
Yeah, it's pretty good. I don't feel fannish in the sense of "want to tell stories about it", but fannish in the sense of "am happy to watch it".
It's very comic book story, isn't it?

Yes, it is! In fact, when the creator, Tim Kring came up with the idea, he was a little reluctant to shop it around for fear of it being repetitive. But the others involved, said no, go with it. In fact,over at NBC's Heroes page, there are graphic novels that accompany each episode, give a little more insight to the characters.

I must agree that Mihinder isn't used enough. (And it's not just because I find him oddly attractive either. *G*) But overall I'm willing to over look the minor flaws to enjoy the storytelling and pull my hair out that I have to wait until January for a new episode.
Last night in that punchy 3am state, I decided that I loved Hiro best, but Mohinder was the qutest. Loved the glimpse of what Hiro will become that we got in the subway car (trying to be vague).

I haven't read anything about it yet. I'm afraid of getting spoiled. I figure I'll dare to look at the web sites after we're caught up.
Spoilers are teh evol. I kept away from any site until after I'd seen the ep. But trust me, the next six are just as good as the first five.

Hiro is my favorite too. If you like that glimpse, you're going to love the upcoming stuff. But yes, Mohinder is cute. Matt too. (But then I loved Greg Gundberg on Alias, so...)
I'm totally digging Heroes too. I like Hiro best, though I'm quite fond of Claire and of Telepathic Cop.
We've been calling Claire "Buffy". I was utterly unable to watch the garbage disposal scene. OMG.

Telepathic Cop is a teddy bear. Hiro is great. We've been calling him "Hiro Protagonist", of course.
We've been calling Claire "Buffy".
Well, yeah. :) And ook, yeah, that scene was very eek-inducing.