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Writing resolutions

The second draft of "Cloud Animals", to commence as soon as I've had morning coffee, will lose all the conversations about things nobody cares about. I do not have to explain everything in one story. I do not have to explain everything in one story. I repeat...

The next Giles/Xander story I write will be in Giles's point of view, and will include as few conversations as I can get away with. Just for variety.

I promise never to...

Use the word "ministrations" in a sex scene.
Ditto for "engulf".
Use the verb "carded" to describe fingers in hair.
Use the verb "map" when discussing a body in a sex scene.
Use "garment" when I can be specific.
Have one character say "bed now" to another. Unless it's a parent to a child.
Use "capture" when describing a kiss.

What else should I promise?

I am thinking that in the AntennaRepublic, only the first two rise to the level of criminal offense. But I can be persuaded.

In other news, watched the first episode of "Heroes" last night and thought it was okay. Will probably acquire and watch the others. (iTunes Music Store sells them, and they're available for free on NBC's site in a crappier format.)

ETA: Okay, actually what I'm going to do today is fix another two bugs in my fork of iJournal. And truly teach myself about NSThread. Am armed with the Hillegass core OS X programming book.
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