Confidential to wide_rider

The Ventures' Christmas Album is the silliest thing I have heard this year. And I'm including the Combustible Edison cover of "Sleigh Ride" that my friend haineux just gave me. *boggle*
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I hope that means that you are enjoying and not kicking yourself for getting.

BTW: If you've been wondering why I never commented... I just found this. Really odd, but when I went directly to your journal today, I found several entries from the past couple days that don't show up on my 'friends page'.
No, no, extremely silly music is always welcome.

Forward-dating the Christmas puzzle story turns out to have been a dreadful error. What this reveals about Livejournal's flist logic is interesting, and perhaps also indicative of what happens when a system is evolved. When designing the back end of a journal like this that lets people set dates by hand, you need to store three dates per entry: real creation time, real mod time, and displayed time. I bet they only store two. And I bet they cache "latest date shown" per journal when building the flist, and then look forward from that when snagging the latest posts. (Building that page has got to be very expensive, so they're going to be trying to be clever to keep their db hit minimized.) Okay, schema is way complex; can't tell if my guesses are right without spending more time than I want to.

Welcome to the sort of thinking I do every day in my job.