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Oh noes! Show me an icon, I'll write you a drabble

Drabble meme from all over my flist: Post a comment with an icon from one of my fandoms and I'll write you a drabble or a ficlet inspired by the icon. I'll guarantee you at least 100 words. Also, one icon per customer.

For reference, my fandoms are mainly Buffy (not Angel, which I still haven't watched) and Sherlock Holmes (ACD original only, please). I can probably write something amusing enough for the Sayers Wimsey books, ST:ToS, and Babylon 5. Maybe Harry Potter, even.

(Man, these promises always scare me. The tag fic game scares me too, every time. Yet it prompted some of the best stuff I've written, so I'll take the risk!)
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You aren't missing much with the whole Angel thing. I'd say that out of five years of episodes, there were probably only a half-dozen really outstanding shows. They fell back on my most hated plot device--bringing in a baby. Gag.
Actually, watch S5 episode called Smile Time. Everything else is just filler.
"Since when?"


"Since when do I do what you tell me to do?"

Ripper straightened and ran his hands through his hair uncertainly. Good question. His little Slayer never had obeyed him. And come to think about it, that was a problem. A big one. He'd have to sort it out later. Later, when he was boring again.

"You smell like cigarettes." She wrinkled her nose. Ripper tossed the cigarette without a second thought. "Now are you going to help me figure this out, Romeo?"

"Yeah, I'll help. My job, innit?"

"And what's with that accent? Did you ever talk like that in your life?" Buffy turned and made a beeline to where the man was tossing out boxes of chocolate.

"No," Ripper said, trotting to keep up with her. "Not sexy to be posh, though."

Buffy leapt onto the loading dock and Ripper followed. She kicked the vampire handing out chocolate. "Don't get that. Your normal accent is plenty sexy." Buffy kicked and sent it at him.

"It is? I mean, shows what you know."

Ripper caught the vamp and tossed it back at her. Stake, woosh, dead. A quick pat to get rid of the dust, and they turned to the open door. Went inside. Factory floor. Candy factory. It smelled like chocolate and machine oil, like chocolate and cardboard, like chocolate and heaven. Ripper inhaled and grinned.

"This is creepy," Buffy said. "There's something seriously evil about that chocolate." Ripper made as if to sneer, then remembered that his Slayer was the best Slayer ever, and her instincts were finely honed from years of his training. All he had to do was follow her, and she'd lead him to something he could hit.

Like this.

Ripper nodded. "Ethan."

Ethan nodded back. "Ripper."

And the chase was on.