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Writing report

Post-Grave h/c story with the unstable title won the poll. It is ticking along. My outline clarified several issues and exposed a few things the story was missing. I will perhaps write an entire new scene/sectionlet for it tonight. Or I might write the climactic scene instead; unsure.

Giles/Xander ficathon story: I know what I'm doing now! And I've written 500 words of it! And it's not a huganic idea that will take me ten thousand words to work out! I am trying to be very concrete and physical with this one. One small setting, with a rambling conversation over the course of an afternoon and evening. I want to anchor this conversation by bringing the place and the actors and the objects they're interacting with to life in the reader's head. Working on those skills at creating the fictional dream and keeping it ticking along, basically.

It's set post-Chosen. For the first time as a writer I must deal with Xander's eye. Hmm!
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