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Which one next? A poll

I was telling the husband at dinner that I was completely torn about which project to finish next. Well, the one I'll finish next will probably be a short thing for the Giles/Xander ficathon, due next week. But I can't decide among the other projects I have up in the air. They're all shiny. My mind is leaping from one to the other. I can't manage to work on one for even two nights in a row.

Mr P suggested that I roll dice to figure out which to work on next. Then I thought, hey, better than rolling dice: asking actual readers! The people I'm doing this for!

You can read excerpts from some of these to help you decide.

Poll #883698 Which story?

Which project should Antenna finish next?

Ars Draconis part 3: Dragon's Heart (the sword one)
Post-Grave h/c tagfic (Giles/Buffy, the sweet newage one)
Tradition & Protocol part 1 (Giles/Buffy, the bodyart one)
"January Weekend", Giles/Ethan, story of how they met, in the universe of the Christian bond story
"Reconnection" part 3, even though I'm stuck on it and might take a while to figure it out

Note that the first three would probably be complete in the next week or two. The others would take longer.
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