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Oh noes! First lines from first stories by month

From janedavitt via mireille719: Take the first line of the first fic you posted each month in 2006.

May: “No, really, Buffy, one can of lighter fluid is all one needs to get the charcoal going."

June: It would be the summer holiday, if he were still a school librarian, which he was not.

July: The Road Runner no longer starred in Xander’s lazy Saturday mornings, though sometimes Xander wished it did.

August: The flight to London from Los Angeles was tediously long and about as miserable as it was the last time I took it.

September: The road south out of Death Valley was a straight line of cracked asphalt, with sand blown up into drifts across it every now and then.

October: Giles finished The Magician’s Nephew too quickly, even though he’d been reading with strict attention to prose style, as slowly as he could.

November: "Oh!" Buffy meeped in misery and annoyance.

December: Xander hitched his duffel bag higher on his shoulder and kept moving past the cemetery gate and its deep shadows.

August & September were very productive months for me. I think December & January will see a similar burst, as the stories I've been stirring for the last couple of months finish cooking.
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