Naming things: such a pain

Name Giles' horse! I have already named his nephew and his sister this evening, and that's about as much naming as my poor overheated brain can manage.

If I use the Conan Doyle method, I'd have to name it Silver Blaze. Which, heh, might work.
Something hopelessly pedantic and stuffy? Some classical hero, but one far enough off the beaten path that most people won't know it automatically. And then you can have the fun of choosing something with meaning or significance to him and your story.

When would he have gotten this horse? Prior to Sunnydale? I'm assuming the horse is his and he would have named it, but maybe that's not a safe assumption, especially given his life circumstances.

I need more information to be able to hazard a guess on this. But hey-- cool distraction from my writing woes....

Not actually Giles's horse, but the one he rides when he visits his sister. (Complicated handwaving involving my mild mutations of canon to serve my own selfish purposes. I am feeling remarkably free of canonical restraints these days.)

Love the suggestion of the obscure classical hero. Perfect! Even if it's Giles's nephew who named it! Stumps off to find copy of Bullfinch...
Okay, that's the trick: what would Giles's nephew name it? That + Hob's suggestion above should be sufficiently amusing.
Yeah. Arion was Demeter's son from Posiedin but they were both in horse form at the time, because Greek gods are kinky like that. So he was (mostly) a horse.
What about the horse's real name? ...Which Tony named in some interview somewhere and I can't remember where... :-)

A horse by any other name should smell as sweet??
Otto is the horse's true name . .
Re: A horse by any other name should smell as sweet??
Grazie! I might just stick with that, 'cause, well, why not?