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Most Christmas-y music?

For those of you who do the holiday thing... what's your most holiday-riffic music? I am totally going with the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack on this one. Nothing gets me in the mood for eggnog and tinsel like this album.
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My knowledge of traditional carols: dismal. Hymns: worse. Though David usually manages to recognize & sing them to me. Um, his versions of the words are not to be trusted, however. Or rather, they are trustably wrong.
Seeing A Charlie Brown Christmas is always good. but to really feel like it's Christmas for me, there are two songs I have to hear.

You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch-Don't ask me why, but Christmas just isn't Christmas until I hear this. Or see How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It's just a traditon, a holdover from my youth I guess.

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas-I love Burl Ives. I think this is from the cheesy Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer special. Claymation with the Abominable (sp?) snowman and the elf who wants to be a dentist. I just love this song.

The Grinch is a great one. (Do not speak to me of recent movies. We discuss only the original animation.)

Have you ever seen The 5000 Fingers of Dr T?
Oh, yes, original for me too please. I haven't even seen the other.

No I have not, but I adore all things Suess.
How about a couple that are total turn-offs? Jingle Bell Rock and Feliz Navidad. The MIL plays an oldies station all day and it seems like I hear one of those every time I go in the house.

As far as what I like, the Beach Boys and other surfer groups doing Christmas music is cool - again, influenced by the MIL's radio. But, I usually end up wandering around singing the church-y stuff like The First Noel, O Come All Ye Faithful, etc, especially when I'm wrapping presents.
Overexposure of songs that were ripoffs by conception: ugh. Ugh.

I'm a total sucker for the Beach Boys in general, mind you, so "Little St Nick" generally kills me.
Dude, there's this one, I think it is by the Ventures, that is a cross between one of their instrumentals and Sleigh Ride. It's awesome! That one makes me grin ear to ear everytime.
All right, must find. Love the Ventures, and "Sleigh Ride" is one of those insta-Christmas tunes for me. I see Rockefeller Center and people skating and I feel the cold in my nose. Only the instrumental version, mind you, and it's best with traditional orchestral arrangements. Ventures aside.
Well, I'd definitely have to go with anything Manheim Steamroller. They have the fun music where you can start waving your invisible baton around and not care who is watching. Then the Charlie Brown music is always good. I've started associating the song 'Believe' by Josh Groban with the holidays since the movie Polar Express came out.
I know technically the Chanuakah songs by Adam Sandler have nothing to do with Christmas, but you gotta be far and listen to those. To me they're more of a holiday thing.
There might be some other music, but it really doesn't get much air time on the radio.
This will sound weird, but I don't think I've ever heard Manheim Steamroller. Betcha when I hear it I'll say, oh yes, recognize that from the radio...
I agree with the Charlie Brown Christmas (Does that mean you agreed with me that BPAL should totally do a scent line based on it? lol). Otherwise, there are 3 major CDs for me:

Barenaked Ladies: Barenaked for the Holidays -all the songs are pretty fun

The Cambridge Singers: Christmas With the Cambridge Singers -all are traditional and/or medieval Christmas music. Beautiful!!!

The Cambridge Singers: Christmas Night: Carols of the Nativity -again, traditional stuff, very beautiful
A scent line would be impossible without heinous licensing wrangles of the kind that BPAL probably doesn't want. (Alice is out of copyright and has been for a long time. Hence the scent line.)

Scribbles notes about the Cambridge Singers.
I'm a huge fan of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I love their CD Christmas Eve and Other Stories.
Well, I already showed you my two favorites:
ELP's "I believe in Father Christmas" and
The Kinks' "Father Christmas"
Yes, I am that cynical and I think both sets of lyrics are awesome.
But it doesn't mean I don't adore Christmas.

I would add from last year The GooGoo Dolls' "Better Days." I think it will always be tied to Christmas 2005 because of all the bad juju last year.
Remind to play Tom Lehrer's Christmas song to you. Hey. Should I head on over now or is T still in his jammies?
the nutcracker does it for me every time.

(and isn't that an interesting sentence to write? *grin*)