That's a wrap 2

Man, this sucks. I could have written something 2000 words long that sucked just as much and been done in a day. Mr P has fixed some wording problems, refused to read the ending out of disgust (Mr P: not a fan of fanfic with sex in it), and made various unhelpful comments about the argument scene.

I think I'm just going to declare it done and never speak of it again.

ETA: Huh. I think I just enjoyed not a bug, but an interesting design problem with the LJ client I have adopted as my own project. It doesn't handle saved posts very intelligently. If you start writing a new one after restarting the app, it loads the last-saved file, regardless of whether it got posted. Since my intention was to edit the previous post, I didn't notice.

This is on my list of things to redesign for the app, but it's a significant feature. And the threading/networking hang issue is higher on the list. Perhaps I will get serious about that this weekend, now that my story deadlines are dealt with.
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There's no link, here, right? I didn't miss it?

I'm sure it doesn't suck. For one thing, don't let Mr. P read this stuff, he clearly is not a coinne damn I cannot spell that word, how about aficionado?

I'd encourage you to go to bed, but it's after 2 here and I'm still up, so who am I to talk?
No link yet. I went to bed :)

My hope was either in the morning I'd be less filled with despair, or at least I'd be able to fix the argument scene. Lemme have another few gulps of coffee and I'll know which is which.
Dude, I thought I was losing my mind! I would have sworn I left a comment to this post, but it wasn't there. Then I noticed the time stamp, scrolled down the page, and there I found the other post. Whew. LOL

Personally, I think if Mr. P won't read it all the way through, he has no right to be so critical. Just post it already! Lock it if you think you need some feedback from those of us that WILL read it through, but post it, dammit! :-)
Nah, he turns out to have been right. I have fixed my argument scene, and it was sort of in the direction he indicated. Sort of.

He just dislikes non-canonical relationships. Giles/Ethan, okay by him. Giles/Jenny, ditto. G/B, G/X, G/W, etc, nope.