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That's a wrap 2

Man, this sucks. I could have written something 2000 words long that sucked just as much and been done in a day. Mr P has fixed some wording problems, refused to read the ending out of disgust (Mr P: not a fan of fanfic with sex in it), and made various unhelpful comments about the argument scene.

I think I'm just going to declare it done and never speak of it again.

ETA: Huh. I think I just enjoyed not a bug, but an interesting design problem with the LJ client I have adopted as my own project. It doesn't handle saved posts very intelligently. If you start writing a new one after restarting the app, it loads the last-saved file, regardless of whether it got posted. Since my intention was to edit the previous post, I didn't notice.

This is on my list of things to redesign for the app, but it's a significant feature. And the threading/networking hang issue is higher on the list. Perhaps I will get serious about that this weekend, now that my story deadlines are dealt with.
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