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Running a ficathon

So I think I'm going to run something like a ficathon, though maybe it's more like a challenge. And I'd love advice from those of you who've done it before and survived with sanity intact. Though possibly I can structure this for maximal fun and minimal stress, and reduce my role to something like a bookkeeper and cheerleader. I can do cheerleading.

I am thinking of doing something with one shared prompt for everybody, and a date after which I will start compiling a masterlist. Perhaps I would add optional challenges to the prompt, but the only real requirement is the single shared prompt. I don't think a deadline is useful; if somebody writes to the prompt a year after the date, I'll be happy.

What's the right way to promote without being spammy?
Where's the line between relaxed enough not to be stressful, and structured enough to be motivating?
Pointers to existing advice, helpful anecdotes, and primal screaming are all welcome.
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