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Two links and a note

Least Wanted. Mug shots, police lineups, identification cards, the debris of more than a hundred years of American law enforcement. Interesting source of names and faces for bit characters, perhaps? And fascinating in its own right, for the little views of lost humanity.

Google's latest endlessly-beta project, Search Mash, looks decent. All Ajax-y. I'm only considering it because the jerk who writes InquisitorX has discontinued Camino support. And after I paid for my copy, too. Inquisitor makes the search box in the upper right of your Safari sing and dance in various niftytastic ways.

Random aside: At 3pm sharp, Mr Pedia starts hassling me about when he's going to get to watch the new Torchwood. I believe I have watched one episode of Dr Who from start to finish in my life: the one with ASH. I have no idea how many he's watched. Wait... he says zero. I'm sure we're missing huge swathes of backstory. The Wikipedia article has the usual obsessive nerd details, but I dunno if I actually want to read them. The series should stand or fall on its own, perhaps.
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