Well, that's that, then

50163 / 50000

I won NaNoWriMo this year

I can now stop guilting about this and focus on the CYA story until it's done, done, done! And then I have to come back to this and finish it. Or at least get a few sections postable, so I can inflict another WIP on an unwilling world.
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Yay you! *applauds*

pee ess: line edits for mine, done? just curious
No that's okay, I understand. I was focused today on getting your birthday fic betaed and posted I forgot until just now.
HOORAY! Congrats!!!

I'm still at 33k and it doesn't look like I'm moving past that anytime soon.
Hey, you got a solid and interesting original story in progress there. You can come back to it when your head is in the right place to work on it. Go you!
Fantastic work on chugging out 50,000 words in less than a month. Do you feel like Barbara Cartland? Snerk. Really wanting to READ some of this. Well done.
I have a feeling that the month of December will include a lot of things getting finished & posted. January too. This story, alas, needs another 25K words to approach done-ness. And then another draft or two to approach non-suckiness.