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Oh noes! Ten fictional characters I'd do!

Tagged by katekat1010:
List ten fictional figures you would have sex with (in no particular order) and tag 5 people to do the same.

1. Rupert Giles, BtVS
2. Buffy Summers, BtVS
3. Soames Forsyte (but only if he looks like Eric Porter)
4. John H. Watson, MD
5. Leonard McCoy, MD, ST:TOS
6. Michael Garibaldi, B5
7. Jeffrey Sinclair, B5
8. Lord Peter Wimsey
9. Sam Vimes
10. Severus Snape (but I have a feeling I'd regret it)

What, no Holmes? I think he'd be a neurotic wreck and no fun at all.
Honorable mentions to Sean Connery's James Bond and to Han Solo.

If you don't tend to do these kinds of memes, consider yourself tagged by me, because I think this one was more fun than I expected. And it's fun to read other people's lists.
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