Unk. Okay. That was my afternoon, sacrificed to the God of Naps. The dreams were like Buffy characters in the world of George R R Martin. Xander was attempting to choose a bride, and his scheming mother was pushing him away from the representatives of the kingdoms of the north. Uh.

Okay, time to go stagger around and make a pot of half-caf.

cya_ficathon story is at 8500 words and showing no signs of stopping. That means I have written 8500 words in two days, with the prime writing hours of the evening still to go. I only ever do this when I have detailed outlines. Well, I also did it with "Reconnection" part 1, but again that was a case of knowing exactly where I wanted to go at all times. Man, I hope it doesn' t turn out that 8000/8500 words are the wrong ones.

Unk. Coffee brewed. Uh.
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I'm terribly sorry to do this to you, but I'm unable to do the GilesWatchers post tonight. I have health issues that sometimes come up suddenly, and this is one of those times. I'll check in with you tomorrow, and do your post for you, if I can. Please forgive me!

No problem whatsoever! I'll hop on it when I get back from dinner. No worries, kay? You feel better, ya hear?
Thank you so much for your very kind response! I was feeling terribly guilty about the short notice, and thought I'd be banned from Gilesland!

I commented at giles_posters, but I'll do it here as well--I'll do tonight's NL post for Janet. :)
And it's up. :) (No problem; I saw it, I'm too tired to write and was bored. It was perfect. )