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Not a bad day so far...

3000 words of the cya_ficathon story written! The outline has turned out to be pretty decent; I haven't strayed far from it. Apparently I love writing from Xander's point of view. I figured out what the story's rating is going to be as well, which I hadn't known until I made a decision about the ending. Probably about another 3000 words, and I might have a solid take at a first draft.

Will make 0 progress on NaNoWriMo today, however. But that's okay, since I'm at 43K words there, and have oodles of time left.

ETA: Um, no, I'm going to go with at least 9K words on the CYA story, what with it being at 6K now and some key scenes utterly unwritten. Still holding to the outline, though... Jeez, I wish I could run short.

And I hope the requester ends up liking it. I worry about these ficathon stories. I've only done the one before this, and I'm just unsure about how it all works and what you're supposed to do with the requests.
Tags: ficathon, giles/xander, writing

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