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Mr Pedia Explains It All

Mr Pedia explains Torchwood: "There are these five people who fight evil monsters. They live on top of a Hellmouth in Cardiff. One of them is immortal and undead."

Mr Pedia explains the Matrix: "Which pill is which, again?"

Mr Pedia explains himself: "I love Willow, but I deserve Anya."

Mr Pedia explains writers: "They need exactly as many social skills as it takes to deal with editors, and no more."

Mr Pedia explains smart people: "You can't teach them anything. You can't. They think they understand everything and can reason about it and they create elaborate models that you cannot penetrate with facts. Why are you laughing?"

Mr Pedia explains weird things other people say: "You have to realize that you are one tenth of one one-hundredth of a percent of that person's life, so if they're going out of their way to say something rude to you, it's more about them than it is about you."

Mr Pedia explains the kitten: "That cat is insane."
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