Sometimes, I wish I'd chosen a better writer to memorize

Because there are allusions to Galsworthy all over the place in the NaNoWriMo project, and he's really not the sort of writer one wants to be nodding to, what with being massively out of fashion and all. And having moments of sticky sentimentality that would make even the schmoopiest of you wince. But it's too late. I chose my doom at age 12. That's what the unconscious has to work with.

It's like having the RSV stuck in your head instead of the KJV. You're like, man, it's not what the hip kids are name-checking. But that's what you read growing up, so what comes to mind is "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil."

I suppose it could be worse.
Um... who?

Yes, I looked him up like a good Lit major, but still... who?

Must have been wasting my time reading trashy Star Trek paperbacks, in My mis-spent youth.

On the upside, my Southern Baptist upbringing gave me a good grounding in the KJV. which serves me in good stead now, since it's not possible to hear anything from the choir loft of the Cathedral Basilica. So I miss the latest bland, approved, reverting to uninclusive language again version of the Readings.....

"Whatever happened to Latin? At least when that made no sense, the Church approved...."


And do not worry about not knowing who he was. An example of how fleeting fame is, I think, and how little those Nobel Prizes mean. He was a popular dramatist just before the War.
You're memorizing Galsworthy? Is this your Farenheit 451 project or what? And the Forsythe Saga was cool.

Not memorizing deliberately :) More a comment about what happens when a bored teen rereads something obsessively.